Thursday, September 29, 2011

Kingdom Trails...Northeast Vermont

This time of year in New England is beautiful with the trees showing us their color(s)and is also one of my favorite times of the year to ride... my mountain bike. I'm fortunate that in my town alone there are hundreds of miles of trails, but for this day I chose to once again seek out Vermont. Jacob my nephew was also a willing participant, so we left home under a beautiful blue sky and temps in the middle 70's. We certainly couldn't ask for a better day! We were determined to ride on the Kingdom trails in East Burke, which offered  downhill runs, and over 100 miles of singletrack/doubletrack trails for every ability. And don't let me forget the famous "pump track" which turned out to be Jacobs favorite.... as seen from the below photo.
The amazing part of this whole Burke atmosphere is that the trails rely on over 50 landowners that allow use of their private property for these trails! Trail users obviously respect these folks as the "carry in carry out" philosophy was definitely in affect. It also sounds as though more trails/connectors will be added in the future.The trails are also used for nordic skiing in the winter along with the Burke area for downhill skiing or snowboarding.The area is simply known for people enjoying what Mother Nature has provided... and something that Jacob and I did for sure! After a great day of riding you can see Jacob(on the left) headed over the bridge and back to the car for some lunch. Picture on the right is the end of the day, bikes in the vehicle and headed to get ice cream. Thanks for coming out to "PLAY" Jacob... let's do this again!

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