Thursday, March 10, 2011

Different toys for different snow

It was a Sunday that I was looking forward to, obviously so were my partners in crime. I had  been planning this mountain bike ride in my head all week, trails where there would be very little traffic and ones in which Sadie my nine year old Golden retreiver and six year old Shanna could run along as well. Somehow all week long, I think they were looking forward to it as much as I was... but the question was " how did they even know that I was going to take them?".

The weather forcast for the end of the week looked like warm temps and rain... At that point, all I could do was wait and actually see what would happen. For once the forecasts were accurate, and it was indeed warm and rain had really made the snow quite soft... the bad news it was too soft to ride.

Years ago, I realized that when the temps were too cold and snow was hard/icey and not great xc skiing, it was incredible riding weather and vice versa. So this day would be a day on ski's. We skiied about 5 miles with no traffic other than the three of us, enjoyed hearing the brooks running, crossing a couple of bridges and ending up here at the end of the trail...

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HI Carl,

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