Friday, November 5, 2010

The weather is changing...

WE have had a few great weeks of fall riding here in Maine, temperatures anywhere from the mid 30's to the low 50's! Living here in Maine, we tend to take advantage of the nice weather in the fall knowing that it is going to be very short term. Of course, that also means that projects at home or in the shop are getting pushed aside for a short while. :) 

It's also the time of year things change... it's time to get the trainer/rollers set up for those days where it's too cold/wet . I need to install more aggressive tires on the mtn bike because of all the fall rain that we've had, lights and knobbies on the commuter bike. And speaking of bikes, it's time for me to tune my personal bikes. As you can imagine my bikes get left to last, sort of like the cobblers children... perhaps walking around with shoes that need repair. Now I will admit that the stable of bikes isn't all that bad, but I'd like to go over them and see what changes need to be made for next year... chain/cassette, tires, all the norm.

Now to get back to the weather, yesterdays forecast was rain and very hard at times, but that eventually changed to SNOW! It was actually coming down very hard, enough so that the road crew decided that they needed to plow. So with that said, it's time to get to some of the above projects statred again, especially the projects in the shop..Speaking of the shop, let me give you a  bit of history. It is 110 years old, and back in the day was a blacksmith shop. In fact, you can see where the horses chewed at the wall while waiting for someone to finish what needed to be done. Over the past couple of years, insulation has been added to the walls and floor, and  I made every effort to install the wood that had been chewed back on the wall in the order that it always has been . While it may not have any sort of meaning to anyone else, it defintiely has lots for me! And lastly, the shop is starting to get a new facelift with tongue and groove pine on the walls. So as you can see, it's the offseason here but with LOTS going on!

Thanks for reading and I'll post pictures as soon as I can get caught up on some of those projects!

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