Saturday, October 16, 2010

It's Time to think about Trainers

Ten years ago when we started doing trainer rides at the shop, people thought we were crazy. You see at that time there were NO spin classes, and no one seemed to be hosting these "strange" events. Now as you are aware, there are many gyms and shops holding these events.

What is great about these rides is that they give the rider accountability to the group. What that means is that if you don't show up one night then the group moves on without you... which is something that most people don't want. Trainer rides also allow people of different ability levels to train at the same time, and obviously no one gets dropped... unlike out door rides. Group rides allow people to train together when it's snowing, dark, and keep you from the mode of thought " that I'll ride tomorrow."

Speaking of that riding tomorrow thought, I'm sure that many of us have seen people that have had good intentions and bought equipment. What quite often happens is that life gets too busy, we make excuses to workout tomorrow, and life moves on.

So, if you live in area where it's dark early, the roads are nasty or it's simply too cold... give this a thought as you eat that extra cookie.

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