Thursday, January 26, 2012

It's Trainer time...

Well, it's January and the time of year where it's time to lay a foundation for the upcoming season. Although 'spin' classes are now the "rage"; we've been doing this for quite some time. Actually the reality is that we were doing this before spin classes even started, so I guess you can say a couple of things. First is perhaps we are showing our age OR even a better idea is that we saw the need and wanted to have others join in on the fun. AS everyone knows, we all have more fun, are more motivated when others are there as well AND we are less likely to skip a session.

Over the years, I've had people who were triathletes join us, people training for the Boston marathon, others who race either on the road or off, and others training for various charity rides. This years group is a bit different. Brenda is someone who joined the group last year. She was raised on a farm, so obviously is no stranger to hard work. She hikes, rides, accompanies me on some xc ski jaunts and her future is looking brighter and brighter everyday. Tim is a nordic skiier and manages the family xc ski center(Akers Ski). He's a busy man to say the least, but is full of enthusiasm and perhaps enjoys working off some of the stress from the week. All I know is that even though he doesn't have alot of time in the saddle so far; he certainly can push the pedals and is enthusiastic each class. Although like myself, he continually looks as the weather report in hopes of getting out on his xc ski's. So my only question is this? TIM when are you going to mount your new ski's? HA!

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