Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fireworks sale

Just today I had to put another set of tires on my trusty steed, and it reminded me that perhaps some of you were in the same position. So to celebrate the holiday, here's a list of items that perhaps you can't live without. :)

Kenda Concept tires 700 x 23 orange sidewalls                      2 for $30
Giordana High Visibility Vests                                                  $10
Gas Sucks T-shirts                                                                 $10
*** all of these itmes can be viewed on the blog, if you'd like to scroll down.
Tires... all in stock tires so whether you need 700 x 23, 28 0r 32's 20% off. Maxxis Detonators, and Kenda models available.
Tubes... the famous tube sale                                                 4 for $17 regardless of what size
Giordana Tenax shorts normally $125                                      $50 1 size medium left
Formaggios shorts                      $45                                        20% off good size selection available

Lastly, I know most of us across the country have been baddling the weather this year, so take advantage of that nice weather and log some miles/time on the bike. Have a safe holiday!!

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HI Carl,

I'm glad to hear that you are enjoying your newfound "addiction". We certainly live in an outdoor paradise, so enjoy and spread your passion!